Rundong Zhou

...and the beautiful engineers are all dead,
the secret technicians conspire for their own glamour
in the Future...

                                                                — Allen Ginsberg, Kral Majales (King of May)

Currently located in:

Enschede, Netherlands

…a little about me
I am a master student of Complex Adaptive Systems at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. From summer 2023, I am an Erasmus+ exchange student to the Physics of Fluids group at the University of Twente, Netherlands for my master’s thesis work. I received my Bachelor degree in Engineering Science, major in Engineering Physics at the University of Toronto, Canada.

I am primarily interested in statistical physics and dynamical systems approaches to fluid mechanics and turbulence, geophysical fluid dynamics, computational physics, numerical methods, and their applications in oceanography and atmospheric science, as well as all the other fields in physics and mathematics. Here is my CV.

I’m currently working on my master thesis’s project on understanding the fundamental physical processes of ocean turbulent mixing driven by near-inertial waves with Dr. Chris Howland at the Physics of Fluids group. We model the phenomena with an idealized swirling Kolmogorov flow. I perform direct numerical simulations using Dedalus spectral method library, investigating its statistical properties, transports of passive scalars, and energy spectrums. I also take analytical approaches such as instability analysis, turbulence theory, and statistical physics to understand the flow’s large-scale dynamics.

During my bachelor study, I worked with Prof. Nicolas Grisouard from the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto. My research project was on developing a Fourier-Bessel based spectral Laplacian solver in 2D polar coordinates. For more detailed introductions on my works, please click here.

Out of academics, I am a wine and whisky enthusiast with the WSET 3 qualification. I also enjoy(ed) playing DOTA2, I used to play competitively for team UofT at the 2018-2019 season North America collegiate esports league and reached 6100 MMR (rank~900 in North America) in 2019 and 2020.

...a bit more on my name
In Chinese, last names are placed in the front, so my name actually goes as: 周 润东, with pīnyīn: zhōu rùn/dōng.
And I always forgive people who don't speak Mandarin to pronounce it without the tones. :>


expected 2024 Master of Science in Complex Adaptive Systems
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
2023 Erasmus+ Exchange Program, Placement in the Physics of Fluids group
University of Twente, Netherlands
2021 Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science, Major in Engineering Physics
University of Toronto, Canada


Zhou, R. and N. Grisouard. Spectral solver for Cauchy problems in polar coordinates using discrete Hankel transforms. Preprint, 2023. (arXiv)

    My availability can be found here, with ~80% chance of following it :>